Some images using my new EM-1, mostly terrestrial but I hope to add some flight shots soon
Trials of the EM-1 with CAF shooting birds of prey in flight and on the ground
My first visit to a Track meet in over 40 years, somewhat curtailed because of a poorly Wife. I loved the sight and sounds and have tried to catch them here
Being some images of Dragonflies in flight using the Olympus OM-D EM-5
I've started a new project for this year, learning how to shoot creative images of Soap Bubbles - here are my first efforts
A collection of images showing how bees feed and the details of their proboscis, which is one of the most amazing bits of evolutionary equipment I know. When you see the size and detail of the proboscis you may, like me, wonder how it all fits into the Bee's head
Images of the proboscis of various Bee species showing different aspects of the anatomy and use in feeding
Some of my favourite images shot at the Liberty Raptor Centre, Ringwood, Hampshire on 24-11-2012, organised by Miles Herbert
A record of my early experiments with this lens
Some of my favourite landscapes many of which have proved popular as either large canvases or framed images on fine art papers