These images have been deleted but can still be seen on my flikr site
A few shots to record what is showing in my garden this year
The action was a long way out and to the West of the launch area so I was shooting into the sun, which means the quality is not so good. A few action sequences, help yourselves as always (let me know what you take please)
What a wild and exciting session this afternoon and only three brave souls down to enjoy it.Thanks for the show lads, these are only a few of the many I took, so expect to see more over the next few days. Download as you like but let me know which ones please
Some images of Gulls, Oyster Catchers and other coastal visitors in action
Good winds and surf at times but very variable lighting which made it interesting trying to catch the action. As always, thanks for the show and feel free to download any images of yourself.
(If you don't see yourself here, let me know what rig you were using and I will see if I have a shot)
A first series of images using my new Olympus 12-40 f2.8 on the EM-1
I'm creating two albums for today's action as, despite the foul light there was some amazing action, thanks all. This is one of the best loops I have ever seen, so it gets its own show! Feel free to download your images but please let me know of you do
Some time ago I was asked to provide a collection of images of Turnstones. As they are one of my favourite wader species I am pleased to be able to share these
Sparked by a request at the Upton House Craft Fair, a gallery of Lighthouse images