Photo evidence supporting my blog on this behaviour. I'd welcome input from anyone who can confirm this behaviour and / or explain what is happening
I didn't do too good a job today as the position of most of the action meant I was shooting directly into the sun. I think I got enough to give some of you some action shots however. As always, feel free to download as you wish, free of charge.
thanks for the show
As promised I will be uploading images from each team racing on Saturday. there will be one from each team with the rest in individual galleries on my flikr site - enjoy them and download as you wish. If you don't see your pic yet it will be here soon
As the action was way off-shore today I took the chance to play with the extended focal distance function on my new camera, going from 400mm with best quality out to 1100mm with a reduced size and definition file. The images are OK for web use and did capture some amazing action, thanks all
Images to go with my blog on techniques I use when shooting bees in flight. It is worth looking at the original image to appreciate the detail and complexity of these small insects
Thanks to all who were in action this morning, you gave me the chance to test out my "new" camera / lens system (Nikon 1 V2 + 70-300CX). As always feel free to download any images of you in action but please let me know if you do
Some images shot using my new to me Nikon 1 V2 + 30-110 under less than ideal conditions of bight overcast, mist and low contrast
Some images taken using my Olympus 50-200mk1 on the EM-1 (its first outing for this subject)
A few of the shots from a great week-end racing, I will put a small selection here and more up on my Flikr Gallery
Some images shot using the Olympus 5-200 mk1 on the EM-1 at the Devon County show this year