Goodby canon 60D, hello Olympus OM-D EM5

Shooting Leaf Cutter Bees in Action

I've recently discovered we have Leaf Cutter Bees in our garden and had my first go at getting shots of them in action today. this blog records some of my thoughts on the subject together with some images. Still "Work in Progress"
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Bee Hunting using the EM-5

A short article on photographing bees using the Olympus OMD EM-5. The techniques used apply to any camera system though
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The Olympus OM-D EM5 has joined the collection

Some meandering on my experiences with this marvellous new CSC camera
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Using an Eye-fi card

I've just got an 8 gb Eye-fi card to go with my 60D - read how I get on with it as a possible tool for studio work
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Problems with Epson 3 year free warranty deal - update

Having brought forward the purchase of a new printer to take advantage of the advertised "Free 3 year Warranty" deal thinks aren't turning out as good as promised Updat - finally sorted, took about a month of constant prodding though
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A New Printer

I've finally put my hand into my pocket and purchased an Epson R3000 to replace my aging HP9180. This blog will record my early experiences with owning ths thing
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Some thoughts on the Canon 70-300 LIS after extended use

comparing the 70-300 LIS with my earlier combination of canon 70-200 F4LIS + canon 300 F4LIS
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My review of the Canon 9500 mk2

Having reviewed the new Epson R3000 I was pleased to be asked to review the well established Canon 9500 mk 2 in comparison.
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Epson R3000 Review now on Ephotozine

I had the chance to review this printer for Ephotozine, with some interesting results. The review is now up on the Ephotozine site
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further experiences with my canon 70-300LIS

this lens continues to be a real joy to use, particulalrly when paired up with my canon 7D
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