Goodby canon 60D, hello Olympus OM-D EM5

Notes on Bubble Photography - pt2 Lighting and shooting notes

In this section I describe the different lighting methods I have used, some of the the problems encountered and the settings for shooting the images (work in progress)
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Notes on Bubble Photography - pt1 The Bubbles

The first part of a two part blog on how I have been creating, lighting and photographing bubbles as a controlled foam, small clusters and individually
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Eye-Fi card works with EM-5

I tried out found an old 8gb Pro Eye Fi card on the EM-5 and found it works very nicely
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Olympus 60mm f2.8 macro takes over from the Panasonic 45 f2.8

When I saw the price and performance of the new Olympus 60mm f2.8 I had to have one. This blog will record my initial thoughts on how it performs in comparison to the Panasonic 45mm and also with reference to my earlier canon 100 f2.8LIS
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Kenko Extension Tubes + 45mm f2.8 macro lens joins the kit

I managed to pick up a set of the m4/3rds Kenko tubes to use with my 75-300 + found a mint condition used Panasonic 45 f2.8 macro. This Blog will record my early experiences in tesing how they both work with the EM-5
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Air Show photography with the EM5 + 75-300

Some notes on using this combination following two days at the Bournemouth Air Festival. I brief, it performed brilliantly, much better than I expected
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EM-5 at the Cowes-Torquay-Cowes Powerboat races

A visit to Hurst Castle to watch the start of the races gave me a chance to see how the EM-5 with Olympus 75-300 coped with high speed powerboats
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Using a Sigma 180 f5.6 APO macro on the EM-5

I managed to get hold of an old, unchipped 180mm macro lens for EOS fitting and have been experimeneting with it on the EM-5 (via a Kipon adapter) to see how to get the best from it
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The EM5 has Taken Over

After only a few weeks the new Olympus system has taken over my photographic life and I'm having a great time with it
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My Review of the OMD EM5 is Published on Ephotozine

My experiences of using the new camera system over the first 2 months of ownership are now available for you to read.
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