Using an Eye-fi card

16/12/2011 - 10:14

I got this card as a tool to help improve my studio work. Shooting under severe time pressure I find I am constantly making silly mistakes and ruining good shots because of make-up faults or displaced hair etc.

If the Eye-fi card worked as described I should be able to download JPG images (shooting in RAW+ JPG) to my galaxy tab and check them immediately after the shot, making any corrections there and then.

Eye-Fi claim that it is possible to do this without the need for a router which would be ideal for my needs and would let me shoot without using my USB cable via EOS utility, which was the other option for meeting my requirements

So, how did it go? First impresssions were that the set-up and use instructions need to be clarified as they are a bit opaque. Once sorted the WiFi connection from camera to laptop is excellent and images are rapidly transferred from camera to laptop screen for checking.

Direct linking without the router is a nightmare and has taken around 7 hours of problem sorting to get anywhere near a result.

Eye-fi support has tried hard and are now suggesting that I may have a faulty card(which they have offered to replace) but I suggest that if you are considering getting one of these cards you check with the Eye-fi forum first  as there are a lot of useful comments there.

Its a great idea but somewhat restricted in utility at the moment


Stan Fraser
13/05/2012 - 09:52
Thanks for testing an eye-fi card for me and thereby saving me time and money. I think I'll wait awhile now before taking the plunge and buying one.

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