The New Canon 100 f2.8 L IS macro is a star lens

28/08/2010 - 16:52
As a lot of my enjoyment in photography comes from shooting macro images of bugs in their natural environment I was intrigued when this new lens was announced.

Following a bit of trading I managed to get a copy with only £50 cash exchange (which kept my wife happy and made me feel good!)

From my intial test shooting in the field all I can say is that this lens meets or exceeds my expectations.

Used as a normal manual focus macro lens it is good, as one would expect, but once you learn to use and trust the IS + AI continuous focus mode it is transformed. I can now shoot accuratelt placed macro images with f4.5, hand-held even when the subject is on a wind-blown flower head.

The lens + 7D  body maintains focus even with significant movement in 3 dimensions and it is possible to watch the eyes of a fly popping in and out of focus with enough accuracy that you can select the moment to press the shutter release and be confident of getting the shot.

Whether or not it will be as good at this on other older canon bodies I have some doubt as the lens and body focus mechanisms appeared tuned for maximum effectiveness

An example, shot hand-held with f4.5


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