The Joy of Trading

05/08/2010 - 12:05
One aspect of photography I am a sucker for is trading older / less used kit to upgrade my collection of bodies and lenses.

I have been lusting after the new Canon 100 f2.8 L IS macro for some time so had a look through my bag to see what I could trade in exchange.

So, out went the Tamron 200 - 500 (a nice lens but I wasn't using it enough to justify its place on the shelf), my canon 60 macro and one of my two 1.4 X TC (the canon mk2). Castle Cameras (what a nice company they are) did me a cracking deal on the canon bits + a good price on the 100 macro and I sold the Tamron to an ephotozine member at about what I would have got in part ex.

That, plus its my birthday next week - I will have got the new lens for about £50 in "real money". Even my wife can't complain about that!

First impressions are good but once I have done some proper testing I will do a write up here


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