The EM5 has Taken Over

16/08/2012 - 05:19

I never thought I would find myself typing these words - but my house is now a Canon Free Zone!


I found that the EM5 met so many of my photographic needs that I could no longer justify keeping my 5D mk2 + L lenses and associated kit, so I have sold the lot


I  must admit to a slight twinge of regret as the last parcel left but I am enjoying exploring the limits of the EM5 so much those have faded already.


I find that I have shot in excess of 2,000 frames already, I hope the shutter life will be up to the demands I'm likely to make of it


Its a real joy being able to put the camera + 4 lenses covering the range from 9mm to 300mm (18-600 in Full Frame equivalence) into a Lowepro Nova 180 bag and coming home from a shoot without suffering aches and pains from carting to much weight about.


I've been making my fine art prints up to 18"x12" and although there are subtle differences in the colour tones and look of these from those from the 5Dmk2 the detail and colour is first rate.


I hope to get some larger prints made soon and look forward to examining those in detail (I expect them to be equally good but we shall see)




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