Test Packs

29/01/2010 - 14:25
I've been asked by a local photography group to provide them with a two hour session on how I produce my prints (they seem to think they are a bit special, which is always nice to hear)

I shall be running it as a workshop and as part of the preparation have been evaluating some paper test packs provided by PaperMill Direct and Permajet.

Both have an interesting range of papers but I must say the the Permajet offering is particularly impressive in the number of options available, the provision of a handy Swatch of papers as a quick refecernce when ordering and in providing free ICC profiles, either "canned " or custom matched to your own printer / paper choice.

I have reconfirmed my own preference for fine art lustre and matt / textured papers but I shall be interested to see how the group's choices go


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