Problems with Epson 3 year free warranty deal - update

17/11/2011 - 11:06

When I first saw this deal I was confused in that the offer page and terms and conditions had different closure dates on them and I couldn't get a clear answer from Epson. I contacted the Advertising Standards Agency who got Epson to confirm that the deal was still open (and to change the T&C page to have the later date included).

Having purchased the printer and registered is according to the T&Cs I find that 3+ weeks later I'm still shown as having only a 1 year warranty!

Epson UK and Epson Europe were both giving me the run-around regarding who was responsible for the deal and thus able to resolve the issue.

I went back to Epson UK support today and put a little pressure on and they have promised to "Try to resolve the issue" but I must say that its leaving a bad impression with me (and supporting some of the tales I have heard from camera club members who have sworn never to buy Epson products again because of poor support issues).

I do hope I don't join them in this point of view.

Watch this space and I will let you know how things develop

A few days back I finally had an e-mail from someone in the Epson support chain who was willing to help resolve this and I am now registered as having a 3 year extended warranty (although the Epson warranty database still shows the printer associated with a 1 year RTB warranty.

I'm going to have to be careful to keep all my records of the paper-chain safe though as they say that they will require to see it all should I want to use the warranty at any stage over the next 3 years.

All this doesn't imbue me with confidence in their system and I do wonder whay they make it so hard to register the warranty (could it be they don't want us to make use of the offer I wonder - no - surely not!)







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