Olympus FL600 high speed remote flash with EM-1

04/03/2014 - 13:01

I had been wondering if I could use my Lastolite EzyBox soft box set up with my FL600 as a remote unit for shooting macros of bees and other insects.


This is of course possible using the olympus kit flash as the controller but it relies on having a clear line of sight to the flash gun and is also prone to poor performance in sunlight


I remmebered I had an old 3m Canon EX flash extension cable and that I had read somehwere that this would work to fire the fl600 in manual mode


After a bit of fiddling I found that it does indeed work and I have been happily firing the flash in FP M mode giving me precise and consistent control of the flash attached to the soft-box on top of the Lastolite stand.


I am now happy that I will have a controllable, high-speed remote flash available to me when the macro season kicks off.


In addition it will make a nice, lightweight and portable flash system for ad-hoc portrait and studio work (head and shoulders / pet work only I suspect)


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