Olympus 75-300 mk2 arrives

28/11/2013 - 16:25

First impressions of the new lens:

- build is excellent, no lens creep even with the hood on and manual focus is lovely and smooth. No barrel wobble at full extension

- hand-holding focus testing under limited lighting seems good, I'm getting sharp shots at 1/15th - 1/25th sec and 90 - 300mm fl. Its also performing well on my long range focus targets


I am using this lens primarily on my EM-1 (which has now been updated to firmware v1.1) and will provide a gallery in which I shall collate images of interest (good or bad) as I evaluate this new lens




I had the chance to do a few more test shots today, in dreadfully grey and dreary conditions but the combination of the mk2 lens + EM-1 with v1.1 firmware performed excellently. Although there were no shots worthy of printing I had >90% sharp images from 300 mm long range to fairly short range with shorter focal lengths.


I am now a officially a real fan of the latest incarnation of this lens on the EM-1  :)




A 30 minute shoot on Mudeford Quay, in increasingly wild conditions confirmed taht the mk2 75-300 and replacement EM-1 with firmware v1.1 are performing as well as I hoped. Some 300 shots of Gulls charging about the sky in wild winds resulted in about 70% sgarp images. I have created a sub-gallery to show some of these




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