Olympus 60mm f2.8 macro takes over from the Panasonic 45 f2.8

20/10/2012 - 07:39

I've had this lens for about 3 weeks now and my first impressions have been very positive.

It's small, light-weight, appears to be very well constructed with very fast and accurate focusing

Macro images from it are full of detail and have a neutral colour and so far I have been able to achieve results using this lens on the EM-5 which are at least as good as those I got from the canon 7D + 100 f2.8 LIS macro, which is quite an achievement!

As a short range telephoto its quite remakable and its speed of focus transforms the EM-5 when used for shooting birds in flight (its just a shame its not a longer focal length  :)  ) The out of focus detail (Bokeh) is lovely

The weather proofing with the EM-5 seems to work well to as its first proper trial was during a very wet and miserable 3 hour shoot during it it didn't miss a shot

I'll create a new album in which to post some example images later

Overall I'm delighted with the lens, one small niggle, I don't see the point of the spring loaded focus-limit dial setting for 1:1. It requires an odd movement of a finger or thumb to hold it in this position and returns to normal focusing the moment the pressure is released. I may be missing something though?






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