More Manual focus - Canon fd 200mm f2.8 joins my collection

03/11/2013 - 10:22

 Temptation won out and I now have it and it is indeed in new condition (it looks as if the documentation hhas never been opened)


I plan to use it mainly on my EM-1 as the new firmware is said to remove Chromatic Abberation in camera and the one weakness of this lens is CA against bright light / strong contrast edges.


Initial testing is with the EM-5 as I'm waiting to get my EM-1 back from Olympus.

It sits very nicely on the EM-5, slightly front heavy but the lens weight means it nestles in my left hand like some of my better canon L lenses used to (but not so heavy )


Focus via the full length focus ring is a delight and setting up the EM-5 so that manual focus assist lets me focus in the magnified view (at the press of a button) with IS on is a real help


I've put some intital test shots up in a new gallery but hope to have a proper test-shoot from it up on Monday


Day 2 and I have learnt an important aspect of using this lens. If I get the speed up, use a monopod for support and moct importanlty of all, use 7x magnification to improve manaual focusing then the CA is no longer a problem and the lens is capable of critically sharp images


Day 3 reducing the magnification factor to 5x and setting the camera so that the magnified view can be held stabilised in the EVF makes even easier to get the critical focus (although I still need more practise to get my success rate up :)  ). It is proving important with this lens as shooting contra-jour with even slight out of focus results in marked purple frimging Chromatic Abberation


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