I'm back and enjoying my photography

03/11/2017 - 10:36

Now I have completely recovered from my muscle wasting problems I have set myself up with what is proving to be the best combination of gear I have probably ever had.


Thsi is allowing me to shoot everything from close-up / macro work (bugs bees and butterflies) through wild-life and nature to my great passion for action photography (surfing, kite and wind surf action off our local beaches), air show, show jumping and many more variants.


The 12-100 on the EM-1 mk2 is a great lens for travel, still life, flowers  and landscape work


The PL 100-400 is one of the best long range zooms I've owned and tends to swap between my EM-1 mk2 and the Panasonic G80 but now I have got the 40-150 pro + TC back in my bag I suspect that it will be locked onto the G80 with the 40-150 on the EM-1 mk2


The EM-1 mk2 is the action camera I have waited for Olympus to produce, I am able to do more, better and more consistently with this camera than I could with my canon 7Dmk2 and has been a key component in giving me back the freedom to shoot what I want with the cnfidence that the results will match my expectation


Happy Days




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