I.4 x Teleconverter

22/02/2010 - 11:40
Following on from my unhappy trials of the canon 100-400 to replace my 300F4 L IS I dug out an old Kenko DG300 pro 1.4Xtc and took the 300mm + 1.4xtc for a walk around Stanpit marsh. (I had previously set up the micro-adjustment setting to ensure the best chance of good results)

I was pleasantly supprised, even though the light was poor I was getting focus lock almost as fast as I would with the bare lens and although there was some loss of image quality wide open shutting the aperture 1 or 2 stops improved things. I found it better for static subjects but was still able to get reasonable keeper rates with birds in flight.

I was suffciently impressed that I am now awaiting the delivery of the canon 1.4 TC which is suposed to be capable of getting first rate results with both my 300 F4 and 70-200 F4 L IS - we shall see


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