Focus Problems - resolution (well, almost)

26/06/2010 - 10:55
Well, I got my lens and body back yesterday (how I have missed that camera!) + some interesting information.

The good news is that, after some brief testing, it all seems to be working properly and focus is sharper and more accurate. The better news is that this improvement seems to carry over to my 70-200 (I was worried that all the readjustmenst may have thrown that out, in fact its even sharper)

The interesting added info from Lehmans is that there is an ongoing problem using the expanded cross focus point, not just with my camera but with a "Batch of them". Lehmans say they are waiting for canon to come back to them with a resolution but in the intereim canon suggest just using the point focus without expansion.

Friends with 7Ds report that one of them swears by the expanded cross focusing, the other swears at it!

More testing to follow + I think another visit the the Hawk Conservancy is required!


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