Eye-Fi card works with EM-5

10/11/2012 - 12:28

I was never able to get this card to work satisfactorily with my Canon bodies so was delighted to find that, after a minimal amount of setting up, the card allows the EM-5 to communicate seamlessly with my Asus TF300T Transformer tablet.

The best setting on the camera for a compromise between image quality and speed seems to be RAW + MN JPG with the Eye Fi set to only download the JPG files.

After a very short time (second or so) the files are downladed to the tablet.

I want to use this in the studio and the images are sharp and detailed enough that I will be able to check for any of the typical problems of smudged make-up, bra strap showing, messy hair etc that is so annoying to find when processing the images on the PC after the shoot is finsihed

As this is a Cat 6 card it should be fast enough for studio work and I see that Transcend have announced the release of Cat 10 cards with 16 and 32 GB capacity.


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