canon 70-300 LIS USM

14/11/2010 - 18:33
We are still suffereing from atrocious weather down here in Christchurch so I haven't had a lot of chance to do much in the way of serious testing, so this will reflect on the more subjective handling qualities.

First off, weight - although the lens is only around 100g lighter than the 300 F4LIS it feels much lighter in use on the 7D. I can only assume that this is due to its better balance, whatever the resaon, its certainly easier to hand-hold for extended periods.

Zoom is a joy to use, just over 1/4 turn covers full range and the movement is smooth and well damped. There is no sign of zoom creep

AF is very fast and in general shows little or not sign of hunting or mis-focus, with one possible exception. With low light / low contrast situations I have found that it can occasionally "stall" and the focus be off, but this is no different from what I was finding with my 300 F4LIS

IS is nothing short of phenomenal, shooting with 1/20th sec at 300mm can still produce sharp images (others are reporting this as well)

So far - its all positive


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