canon 70-300 L IS Day 2

10/11/2010 - 09:24
Its still early but I've been able to carry out a couple more quick tests.

I can confirm that it still focuses sharply and with good detial when I attach my Kenko pro 300 1.4XTC.. single point, off-centre focuses (centre point doesn't) but is slower than 9 point which is slower than all points active. Its good for static subjects but I would fancy trying it on birds in flight. Detail is good but obviously not as good as the bare lens.

Using the bare lens with good light is astounding, I use a nearby TV aerial (at 28m) as a focus test subject. This has an LCD control box attached and my objective is to see if I can read the text on it - this is the first lens I've owned that achieves this! Whilst checing this I spotted a Starling sat on the aerial so gave it a shot, once again - the best result I've seen so far and that includes my canon 300 F4 LIS and canon 70-200 F4LIS. This lens is worth the money!

Hoping to shoot some BIFs later today


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