Canon 70-300 f4 - f5.6 LIS

08/11/2010 - 17:02
Well, I've taken the plunge and traded in my beloved canon 300 F4LIS and 70-200 F4LIS for the new 70-300 LIS in my search for a lighter bag & one lens solution to the bulk of my photography. I got a good deal from Park Cameras of Burgess Hill but didn't get back in time to do any real testing this evening.

First impressions with it on the camera are good, it handles well and is very fast and smooth focusing and zooming.

Just time for one shot, my standard "Aerial sharpness test shot at 27.6m, its the best result I've seen with any of my lenses to date (this is now the 2nd image), which I hope bodes well for the future.

(Shot setting, ISO 400, f5.6 with 277mm  for 1/800th sec - hand-held)

I've also had a quick play to check the IS, fantatstic springs to mind. The 1st image is of an artificial sunflower, shot at 300mm with 1/30th sec at close to minimal focal distance, ISO 400 with f5.6


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