Cactus Flash Experiments

08/11/2014 - 15:23

What I wanted was the ability to use a combination of different flash heads together, controlling the power and other parameters remotely rather than having to manually change each gun.


The RC mode on the EM-1 and FL600R enables this but only when the camera flash and remote flashes have line of sight for the optical signal. In my last location shoot I wanted to be able to fire one remotely from within another room but this, of course, was not possible


Having looked at various RF trigger options I came across the Cactus system which was a very reasonable price yet seemed to provide the functionality and power I wanted.

As it turned out the "pass-through hot-shoe" proved incompatible with the FL600R so I came up with an alternate solution that does provide what I need.

This involves using a cheap Hama folding flash grip onto which I mount the Cactu V6, connected to the EM-1 using the sync port on the camera body linked to the V6 using a short screw lock PC sync to 3.5mm male jack plug cable.

This then remotely controls the power and other functions of the Cactus RF 60 flash gun

Now I mount the Olympus kit flash onto the EM-1 hot shoe which gives me the ability to control the two FL600Rs independely of each other and the RF60.


The immediate use of this will be for lighting birds on the garden feeders remotely from within a hide (studio, or kitchen during the Winter :) ) and more demandingly, as lighting for studio and location shoots




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