A New Printer

25/10/2011 - 09:06

I reviewed this printer a few months ago (along with the Canon 9500mk2) for ephotozine. Despite some problems with the evaluation machine (turned out to be damaged) I was very impressed with the results so when the chance to purchase it with a free 3 year warranty came along I decided to go for it.

First impressions were good, installation was rapid and easy and first prints looked good although closer inspection showed the colour to be slightly off and a bit darker than the screen. I've clearly got a learning curve to climb as (after 6 years of use) I had the colour management of the HP9180 nailed and always got WYSIWIG printing from it.

Re-reading my evaluation notes I thing I have sorted the process out and confirm this in a later blog.

Black and white prints are just as I remembered, superb with a wide tonal range, smooth gradations of tone and excellent blacks

One downside - I had hoped that canon would bring out an improved version of the 9500mk2, with ethernet connection, larger cartridges etc. Wouldn't you just know it, two days after I took delivery of the Epson they announced the new Pro 1, which does all that and more! (mind you, its costing about £200 more and weighs an extra 10kg and as I put my back out unpacking and placing the R3000 I guess the Pro 1 may not look quite so attractive after all :)  )


Update 3-11-2011:

I've been working this printer hard since I got it and am pleased to report that the quality of prints continues to be outstanding on both gloss / lustre and matt / fine art papers. So far I have experienced none of the problems I saw with the review model and I can strongly recommend this printer if you are looking for a machine to print gallery quality images up to A3+.

In addition I have run my first 38" panoramic print through it and found it easy to set up with no paper feed problems using the roll feed system. The print quality was first rate and it is currently being mounted and framed by Karen at "In-the Frame" in Highcliffe. It will be on display for sale at the Upton House craft fair later in the month




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