My camera is me helping to look at the world more closely, then record what I see to share with others.

An eclectic mix of images from the more traditional landscape through natural history and wildlife to watersports and abstract


I have left my website "fallow" for far to long so have decided its time to bring it back up to date, there have been some significant changes whcih I will cover via my blogs


I hope you will enjoy the new inputs


In additon to these images I have a large collection of images on my flikr account:




If you would like to comment on anything you have seen or wish to discuss using one of my images / having a print made please contact me here.

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I'm back and enjoying my photography

An update on what I am shooting and the kit I am using to do it

Some big (good) changes happening

Those of you who have been with me some time will remember that I have constantly been seeking a compromise between lighter weight and acceptable performance, well my muscle wasting problems have been resolved and I'm changing things back! :D

Miner Bees with Aphids in their mandibles - Why, can anyone help?

Miner Bees with Aphids in their mandibles - Why, can anyone help?
I recently photographed two different species of Miner Bee with what looked like Aphids held in their mandibles. So far I have not ben able to get confirmation that anyone else has seen tis behaviour or what it is that is happening - can you help?

A change in approach to my photography

I've spent the last year or so re-evaluating my equipment taking account of my increasing physical restrictions and how I shoot my images. It has resulted in a rather surprising change to my equipment selection

A big change in my photography today

After much agonising I finally disposed of all my Olympus kit today (thanks Marc at London Camera Exchange Southampton High Street for sorting out a good deal). As I get older I am finding it more and more difficult to cope with even moderately heavy came

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