A rather flat day for light and sea but a few chances for some not bad shots, which I hope you like. Feel free to download those you want but please let me know if you do. Original sized files available on request
Thanks to all of you performing this afternoon, you provided me with some interesting opportunities.
If you appear in any of the images and want to download them please do but let me know what you plan to do with them
(more to come)
A series of images shot at a Bird of Prey Studio Day provided by Miles Herbert at Liberty's Raptor Centre Ringwood, Hampshire
A few random images as I learn how to get the best from this excellent combiination
A collection of my favourite images from 6 hours shooting at Fairford on Sunday, using my new Olympus 40-150 Pro on the EM-5 mk 2
Here we are, a small selection from a fun week-end. I will add any new ones I find during the week, thanks for a lovely time

you should be able to download any / all of them
Photo evidence supporting my blog on this behaviour. I'd welcome input from anyone who can confirm this behaviour and / or explain what is happening
It was a lovely surprise to have the chance to work with you again Amber, I will load some of your images here and mare on my Flikr site for you to download as you wish. Let me know any shots you particularly like and I will print them for you
I didn't do too good a job today as the position of most of the action meant I was shooting directly into the sun. I think I got enough to give some of you some action shots however. As always, feel free to download as you wish, free of charge.
thanks for the show
As promised I will be uploading images from each team racing on Saturday. there will be one from each team with the rest in individual galleries on my flikr site - enjoy them and download as you wish. If you don't see your pic yet it will be here soon