Here are three pics of your lovely little Pup, thanks for letting me take these. I hope you enjoy them and feel free to download and use them for yourself
Thanks for the show guys, feel free to download any pics of you that you fancy but please let me know which ones you use (no charge - as always) sorry the quality is a bit lacking, most of the action was a long way out, so these are heavy crops
Good to see you briefly today Ben, I think these are shots of you in action with your larger sail. As always, feel free to download them. Distant shots so not up to my best standard, sorry
A few shots from a coach trip to Kenwood House on a grey and miserable day, followed by taking 90 minutes getting out of London (but still worth it)

NOTE: the images from within the House are not for sale as this is an English Heritage Site
A few images from a quick visit to our favourite Cathedral. Particular thanks to guide who made us so welcome, I hope you enjoy these images (more will be uploaded over the next few days)
Shots from 2015 trips to Brownsea Island, including many of Red Squirrels
Thanks for letting us work with you last night. Here are my images, more to come. Please let me know any you wish taken down and any you may like prints of
I will upload a few images for you here but it will take a few days, until the exhibition is finished. If you see anything you like, please get in touch
I hope there is something here for you Mick
A few images of the above